The Best Things to do in North Devon


Your adventure in North Devon starts with an exciting range of water sports, providing unforgettable experiences in the outstanding beauty of the area. You can go in North Devon for a fun family day out, so take your pick from a choice of exhilarating rides, and explore the power of a steam train or the wildlife attractions, such as award winning aquariums and natural trails. If you need accommodation you ought to know there are plenty options available for you, from spacious bell tents to beach villas, so make sure you hook up with the right places.

With wide beaches and even a rugged island, north Devon doesn’t mean only theme parks. Whether you’re visiting for the day or staying longer, North Devon has a wide variety of attractions, from all-weather attractions to award winning zoos or beautiful parks and the rugged coastline means it’s ideally suited for surfing and cycling.

  1. Coasteering, a wild adventure

A Coasteering session will take you on carefully chosen routes to scramble along the rocks before moving on around the coastal edge, and all the sessions are tailored to take you to hidden rock pools, beaches often inaccessible and the all important jumps, while all safety equipment is supplied. Coasteering is an adventure sport and you will surely get wet, as the activity involves jumping from the rocks and some exciting scrambling within the intertidal in and above the water, but the excitement generated when you get in the rocky “impact zone” provides a very high energy. Usually ran along the amazing Hele Bay or Baggy Point, a location which dominates the local coastline, offering thus one of the best places for this activity, in order to experience a selection of different jumps and loads of other exciting features.

  1. Skern Lodge, outdoors adventure

Skern Lodge offers the best activities during the school holidays, such as an Adventure Week program or half day activity sessions, and if you book for two adults, children go half price. Situated on the edge of Appledore and set within 22 acres with the tidal waters on the doorstep, you simply need to see why they were voted the Best Active and Sporting Experience in Devon. They offer a mix of activities including surfing, assault course, river kayaking, climbing, abseiling and help with childcare, but families can choose to join others or arrange their own Private Session as well, to make their perfect day.

  1. The Milky Way Adventure Park, a fantastic day out

There’s over 110,000 sq ft of activities, so having a fantastic time in the beautiful countryside is mandatory. This Christmas there’s a festive day out where you get to visit the Elf Emporium, make Reindeer food and all this extra fun is included in the usual entry fee, you need to book online. Designed for adults as well as children, it’s great fun to take a ride on the Cosmic Typhoon roller coaster, but prepare to scream as you encounter aliens on the role-playing Clone Zone.

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