What defines a Luxury Accommodation?


The range of high-end hotels has expanded to the extent that those seeking a luxury hotel are now faced with many options, although the definition is blurring and increasingly varied in today’s hospitality sector. If you are interested to know what the meaning of a luxury hotel is, you should know that it is considered one which provides a luxurious accommodation, although there are no set standards, although often 5 star hotels describe themselves so. There used to be a clear difference to what makes a 5* hotel, a well understood star rating system, but this is no longer the case as nowadays, luxury is formed more around the experience, and many hotel operators prefer to brand their projects as luxury or mid market in more recent times.

But who decides how we use the word “luxury”? When it comes to branding top-end hotels, how do we define a luxury one? A luxury accommodation allows a simple planning, fast and discreet checkout, and mainly offers exact what a guest wanted in terms of classification, bed size or service.

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Easy and respectful planning

Booking a luxury hotel should be simple, whether you book directly or any other way.Although most people are loaded with very definite opinions, they wouldn’t put their neck on the line, because luxury is the most oversubscribed word in our vocabulary. The staff should know guests by name and be smiling, housekeeping should be quiet and maintenance personnel should appear at the room within minutes. Luxury is something that is an indulgence, offering sumptuous abundance and comfort, but in terms of hotels, there no longer seems to be one standard as no longer can something be considered luxury based on marketing campaigns.

The memory and the experience

Through unique hotel F&B services, interaction with the GM or integration with local surroundings, as well as digital connectivity, guests are able to have an unique experience. With such fierce competition it gets hard to retain business, which is why many accommodations are creating detailed profiles, so that reception staff knows how to greet them, their dining preferences, etc. Through every phase of the hotel investment a broad spectrum of actions are applied in order to give an unforgettable experience.

Our definition of luxury is something that is individualized with a touch of hand, an obsession without reference to cost and not necessarily abundant or perfect.

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